Career Advice

Re-Entering The Job Force After a Disability

Talura 19 December, 2019

If you are re-entering the job force after a disability, you might be feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help make this transition smooth for you. 

Prepare for the Adjustment Curve

Just like a learning curve, an adjustment curve is a time period in which you will not feel comfortable with your new situation. Many people do not prepare themselves mentally for this phase, and as a result, they may get very frustrated or even depressed. It is important during this time period to remember you are not going to feel comfortable or at ease. Remind yourself often that this is normal and that it will pass with time. 

Take Time for Self-Care

When you re-enter the job force you are both still recovering from your disability and you are adjusting to a new situation. Your job will be placing stress on you that you have not been accustomed to for some time. Taking time for a self-care routine will be very important during this phase in your life. Give some thought to what self-care should look like for you, and then make a commitment to yourself. This commitment to yourself is just as important as any commitment you make to anyone else. 

Be Willing To Expand

If during your time of disability you have fallen behind in training or skills, be willing and open-minded to expand your skills and receive the necessary training to keep you up to speed with your colleagues. Many people become frustrated when re-entering the job force because they are expected to undergo new training. This is a positive thing. More training always means you are now more qualified for more things. 

Re-entering the job force after a disability can be a challenging time. Keep these tips in mind to help you find success during this new phase in life.